The River Rafting 2021

A different event this year

The River Rafting has got a special role in tradition of celebrating Walpurgis in Uppsala. It started as a bet with around 10 spectators in 1975, and has developed to become a certified sustainable event engaging 700 people to build rafts and arrange the event under the name of Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students River Rafting Committee. On the day of Walpurgis (the last day of April) at 10 am the starting signal is fired and the journey starts for 120 rafts, cheered on by thousands of spectators of all ages.

This is how the River Rafting normally looks like, however the circumstances are very different this year. The River Rafting committee are working on an alternative version of the event due to the ongoing pandemic. More information will be posted on our website continuously.

Kopia av forskarl3.jpg
Maria Langkilde

Project manager the river rafting


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Channa Lönne

Vice project manager the river rafting


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Anton Virtanen

Spons and Sälj


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