The River Rafting

The River Rafting is a beloved Walpurgis tradition, that stems from a bet in 1975 when two students were challenged to go down the Fyris River in an inflatable boat. If they were to succeed, they would be given sandwiches and some hot chocolate. As the years have gone by, it has grown into an event with tens of thousands of spectators and participants.

The River Festival

Here you can find the festival schedule!

We are certified as a sustainable event by Greentime!

The River Rafting has been certified as a sustainable event and will once again be labeled as eco-friendly. In addition to a lot of focus on waste managing and recycling, plant-based alternatives are always offered on the menu.

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Last day of the festival!more_vert

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Last day of the festival!close Today is the last day of the festival!A lot of the raft's are ready for the Fyris river, but some are not quite there yet. Today is also the last day to finish the raft, at 16.00 we will close the construction site so make sure to finish it in time! In the evenings when we close the construction site, we walk around and look at all the rafts, and all of them look so good! Some raft's that have stood out to me are Noah's chark, the Yoda raft, Elias the rescue boat and the Piano ra… Read More

Start building your raft!more_vert

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Start building your raft!close Good morning (web)bloggen from the construction site!Yesterday a lot of rafter's were here and started shaping their styrofoam, and I can see some shapes coming together on the construction site, but there are still a lot of big white cubes here. I think some things might take a lot longer than expected, so it might be a good idea to start as soon as you can! Remember that you have to get the shape of your raft approved from one of us before you start painting it. Go to Fyren or ask one of… Read More

Today the construction site opens!more_vert

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Today the construction site opens!close Today the construction site opens! In our committee we call it BP, so if you hear "Alla till BP!" (Everyone to BP) in our radio's, you know where to go if you want to hang out with us. We are really excited to see your white styrofoam cubes and planks actually become something! You will surely get visited by a lot of curious committee member's asking about your design ideas. Maybe your raft will become a unicorn or a pirate ship? Just some suggestions from us!The constructio… Read More