The River Rafting

The River Rafting is a beloved Walpurgis tradition, that stems from a bet in 1975 when two students were challenged to go down the Fyris River in an inflatable boat. If they were to succeed, they would be given sandwiches and some hot chocolate.

As the years have gone by, it has grown into an event with tens of thousands of spectators and participants. The event has been adapted through the ages, and so again this year when the River Rafting committee have the honour to present DIGITALBORG!

Digitalborg starts in


We will bring the Fyrisriver to cyberspace through a livestream that you can follow from your home on the 30th of April!

Members from the River Rafting committee will take on new waters in the outskirts of Uppsala, and you can cheer them on through the livestream. You don’t want to miss when these 8 brave champions are put through multiple challenges on their homemade styrofoam rafts along the way down the river! During the day we will be accompanied by two commentators who follow the rafts journey, as well as a fun mix of other elements and content straight home to your cough.  

You’ll find the stream on this page, we’re going live at 9:40 on 30/4.
The start is at 10.00, see you in cyberspace!

Digital Festival Nights

Welcome to the digital River Festival! 

Outside Ångströmslaboratoriet campus, the Rafting Committee usually sets up the activity area, the River Festival, every year for a whole week. During these days people from all over come together in celebrations and festivities. Unfortunately it’s not possible to meet like we’re used to just yet, but we’ve tried to preserve the atmosphere and meeting ground with a smoking hot new concept!  

Wednesday and Thursday the 28-29th of April, we will instead arrange 2 digital Festival Nights! Since you can not come to the River Festival this year, due to the current pandemic, we have arranged a festival that will come home to you instead. During these two evenings we will offer a lot of entertainment and activities. Food will be served as in previous years but in a completely new way as we offer delivery of the food. Check out the detailed schedule here on the website for more information. The Festival Nights are open to everyone, so see you there!

Duck Day

The Duck Day will take place on April 25th and this year it will be digital. You can participate on our website and preorder Duck Bags that we deliver to you!

The Duck Day is the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students family event designed to entertain children and families. Normally this is a day with a lot of fun activities and the children are given an opportunity to visit the construction area where rafts are being built before the big event on Walpurgis.

This year the Duck Day will be digital! 

The goal of the Duck Day is to bring joy to all those who participate in the event, but also to the children who are unable to attend due to illness. Therefore, we collaborate with the Uppsala University Hospital’s Children’s Fund to contribute to give these children a more enjoyable life. The profit from the Duck Day will be donated directly to the Uppsala University Hospital’s Children's Fund, a unique activity for Uppsala. It is important that the sick children may be children who develop despite their illness. Therefore, the Funds sole mission is to promote the game, stimulation and culture for children at the University Hospital. The Fund operates wherever University Hospital cares for sick children.

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The River Rafting Committee

The river rafting committee is divided into 4 groups with different responsibilities, here you can find the contact information to every one of us!


The River Rafting is arranged by Uppsala Science And Engineering Students Union (UTN), here you can find the contact information for the union representatives

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