Rafting Volunteers

Everyone that volunteers during the River Rafting will get a ticket for the Champagne race (Champagnegalopp) at Östgöta nation that breaks the queue as an extra thank you!

Raft watchman volunteer

As a raft watchman volunteer, you will, as the name tells, watch all rafts from when they come to the starting area until Valborg morning. The pass is divided into 2 groups, which watch different times, so if you have a friend you want to watch with, it will be possible that you are divided into the same group. The tasks are to guard the starting area and the equipment that is there (sound and electricity) and keep eyes of the rafts. Those of you who have an evening pass will get a simple dinner and you who have a night pass will have the runner breakfast on Valborg morning. All raft watchman volunteers will get free entry to the Champagne galopp at Östgöta nation.

Finish volunteer

Are you excited to see what happens to the rafts after the river rafting and want to be a part of when the happy rafters reach the finish line? As a finish volunteer you help the soaked rafters out of the water, clean up the remains of the once so spectacular rafts, tick off rafters in the secretariat and help keep the finish area in order. The brave one also has the chance to head out with a rowing boat to pick up the most small and slippery styrofoam pieces. Don’t hesitate to apply! As a reward for your help you will get a free ticket to Östgöta Nation’s champagne gallop. Finish volunteer can not be combined with participating in the river rafting.

Guard volunteer

Have you ever thought about the fact that there’s a lot of people along the Fyris river during valborg? Do you think that sometimes it just gets a bit too crowded and messy? Maybe you’re one of those people who like orderliness and structure? Then you should apply for Guard Volunteer! You will help SÄK keep the area around the river safe for everyone, by for example keeping an eye on heavily trafficked pedestrian crossings, or controlling the cordoning and fences along the river. As a gesture of our gratitude you will receive a ticket to the Östgöta nation champagne gallop. Working as a guard volunteer can not be combined with river rafting.

Start volunteer

Do you want to be the first to see all the rafts on Walpurgis? While they still are in good condition so to speak. Then apply for start volunteer! As start volunteer you tick off all the rafters in the morning, hand out number tags and breakfast to the rafters, make sure the queue works smoothly and help keep the start area in order. As a reward for your help you will get a free ticket to Östgöta Nation’s champagne gallop. Start volunteer can not be combined with participating in the river rafting.


Does it not sound quite dangerous to raft down the river on a piece of styrofoam? As SÄK-volunteer you will help the river rafting to be both fun and safe! It is an important task to assist the rafters to know when the divers are ready and it is time to go down the scary waterfall. In gratitude you get a free ticket to the champagne gallope at Östgöta nation! It is not possible to combine SÄK-volunteering and rafting.


Maybe the most glamorous volunteer position! As a VIP-volunteer your job is to attend to the exclusive VIP-area during the River Rafting blessed with the most spectacular view of the river and Kvarnfallet! You will make sure that only people granted access to the VIP-area are let inside and that everyone within the area is satisfied by making sure that they have access to food and beverages. It is not possible to be a VIP-volunteer and participate in the River Rafting.

If there is any questions regarding the volunteer positions, please contact [email protected]