The Charity Raft

The Charity Raft

Do you want to participate in the River Rafting and do something good for charity at the same time?

Every year during the River Festival a special day called the Duck Day is arranged, a day dedicated to children and families with a lot of fun activities, you can read more about this under the tab Duck Day. All the money that is earned during the day is donated to Uppsala University Hospital’s Children’s fund - a way to show our support to the children that could not participate.

But we want to do more! For the fifth year, we auction off a place to participate in the River rafting, where anyone is allowed to place an offer. This year the place to participate is auctioned off in favor of Musikhjälpen 2021 (Music Aid 2021). The theme for Musikhjälpen 2021 is “For a world without child labor” and the money will be used to give children a safer childhood, among other things, by giving them free schooling.

Read more about Musikhjälpen:

Find a direct link to our auction HERE!

Important dates:

  • You can order food from the 20 of April.
  • The ordering closes the 26 of april at 15.00.
  • Festival Nights 28/4 - 29/4

How to you order:

  • Decide which day(s) you want to order food for.
  • Choose amount of each dish.
  • Choose pickup location and proceed to checkout!

How the delivery works:

  • The day before your delivery date, you will receive an email with your exact pick-up location and at what time you need to be there, between 17.00 and 19.00. It is important to be there at the right time to avoid crowds.
  • When you get there you will state your order and identify yourself to the River Rafting Committee.
  • You receive your food. Enjoy!
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