Rafter's info

Rafters info

As a rafter you are one of the lucky few that, for the 47th year since the first river rafting, will build your own styrofoam artwork, fight the river’s currents and make the historic journey from start to finish, passing by the two waterfalls on your way. But before this adventure begins, there are some things that could be useful to know.

The first thing happening is that all rafters have to book April 6th into their calendars, since this is when the Rafters Info is held for all rafters. The Rafters Info is mandatory for all participants in the rafting, and if you can’t attend you have to contact SÄK before april 1st. Information regarding the construction of the raft, transportation, the actual river rafting and security regarding the river rafting will be given.

The Construction Site located right next to Ångströmlaboratoriet is the place where all rafters will build their rafts during the week leading up to the day of the River Rafting. On April 29, all rafts will be transported from the construction area to the starting area at Eddaspången and be prepared for their maiden voyage down the Fyris River the next morning.

Before you’re allowed to raft you have to know all the rules, and therefore you have to read the Rafter Regulations. This document contains all the rules and regulations you’ll need to know, and to confirm that you’ve read it you have to sign the Rafters Contract. For example, all rafter must have protection wear such as wet suits, helmets and life jackets. Thanks to our supplier W-dyk/Vansbrosimbutik.se we in the River Rafting committé have the possibility to rent out this equipment to all rafters!

When you arrive at the construction site for the first time you go to Infoteket in Fyren. At Infoteket the captain of the team must sign the Rafter Contract, and then you will get access to the things you need to build your raft. If your team captain can’t be present on your first building day all other team members may sign the Rafter Contract instead (before you’re given brushes to paint the raft, all rafters on the team must sign the Rafter Contract). Then you look for the pile of building materials that will be marked with your raft number. Please note that we are unable to offer more material than what’s allocated. And do not forget that the material should be sufficient for the paddles you need too. There is a golden rule that we do not compromise the slightest on in case one would like to acquire additional material to their raft on their own, "all materials used on the raft shall float, with the sole exception of the nails". The raft is not allowed to have any roof and it is also not allowed to insert nails, pegs, etc. in the styrofoam.

How long it takes to build a raft and how many people you are building it is completely up to you but at least two persons from the team must be present when the shipment is made, on April 29. More information about time will be given later.