The River Rafting

The River Rafting

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The River Rafting is arranged by Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students

The River Rafting started when two students, Anders Ahnesjö and Carl-Johan Hansson, made a bet whether or not they could raft down the Fyris river during valborg 1975. Today the River Rafting is one of the biggest and most exciting events that is organised by students in Sweden and is an attractive meeting point between corporations, students and the public. Every year on valborg morning, ​on the last day of April at 10 AM​​, tens of thousands of people gather to the edges of the Fyris river to see the spectacular and colorful rafts challenge the cascades and rapids of the Fyris river. The rafters have to endure the perilous journey from Eddaspången all the way down to Islandsfallet.

The construction site

The construction site at the river festival is where the rafting begins. In the organized chaos on site, you can witness rafters from all corners of Uppsala as they build their crazy creations. These will later carry the rafters down the merciless waters of the Fyris river streaming through the city center.

The construction site is found on the Ångström laboratory grounds, between house 6 and 8 - the creativity found here is difficult to encounter anywhere else. A piece of plastic foam and some lumber may turn into a volcano, a house, a car, or perhaps even a sauna! There is also plenty of paint available to really make the rafts pop.

On site, 121 rafts will be built by roughly 500 people, so be prepared to spend a couple of hours during your visit (visits?) - it’s a challenge in itself to leave the site and head home.

As we all know, the last week of April is the perfect start of spring time, so why not spend it with Forskå and all the rafters? It doesn’t matter if you’re not rafting yourself, whoever you are you’re very welcome to drop by and hang out. Keep in mind that this only occurs during one week in 2020, so clear the schedule and join the festivities!

Tools such as hammers, rasps and specially designed cellular plastic saws will be avalible on the construction site for all the rafters. Upon approval of your raft from the forskåits SÄK, Start and Flott you can collect painting brushes in Fyren, and then the coloring can begin! Color will be released, in so-called color drops, on thursday the 23rd of April at 10:00, and there will also be more colors available on saturday the 25th of April at 10:00. More information about the construction site, the rules you have to follow and tips for building the perfect raft can be read in the rafters guide. (länk till RG)

The construction site is going to be open between April 22nd up until the 28th between 10:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. every day except for friday the 26th and tuesday the 28th when the site closes at 4 P.M due to preparations for The Friday Party and the Closing Night. Thereafter, on April 29th, every raft will be transported down to Eddaspången where the starting area is found. This date is VERY important if you are rafting since you have to be on site for the transportation. You are responsible for transporting the raft down to Eddaspången if you are absent. (länk till flytten)

So head on over to the construction site, build the best/prettiest/extravagant raft (or find your favorite!) and then see whether or not the raft makes it the whole way through the waters of the Fyris river on April 30th. This is something you don’t want to miss!