The River Festival

Welcome to the River Festival, the ultimate pep rally for the River Rafting!

This spring's biggest event is here! As we have longed for, it was 3 years ago, but on the 20th of April, Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Student (UTN) invites us to The River Festival and everyone is welcome! Cooling drinks in the spring sun, magically good food, bungee run, live music, pony riding, hanging out in hot tubs and tent releases like no other - it's time again!

130 rafts will slowly but surely take shape during this phenomenal week outside the Ångström Laboratory. These rafts will then tame the Fyris-River at 10.00 at Valborg in The River Rafting. Regardless of age, student or rafter, everyone is welcome to us at The River Festival 2022, which this year has the theme MAGIC!

Stay up to date on The River Festival through the Facebook-event.

As you can see, the schedule is packed all week and every day there are fantastic activities that you do not want to miss! We will also have three tent parties!

-The opening night, where, among others, Dunderpatrullen will play live

-The Friday party, with the theme “Somewhere over the rainbow”

-The Saturday party, with the theme “Full moon party”

This is what Sweden's largest construction area for cellular plastic rafts looks like!

During The River Rafting, you will be able to see how these planks and cellular plastic lumps are rebuilt into fantastic rafts that will withstand the Fyris-River’s fall.

The River Festival proudly presents: Three tent parties!

It was a long time ago, but now they are back. You will have the opportunity to dance around the tent together with your friends. Recce-dances, bar hangouts, fat drops and awesome DJs are promised! You do not want to miss this! The dates for the tent releases are: 20/4, 22/4 and 23/4.

Karaoke nights, standups and live music are promised.

Every night the entertainment is top notch. Lots of artists will perform, including: Dunderpatrullen, Louis Pax, Odd Pages, Blood Red Oranges, and lastly, Herr Ober and the Ice Bittes

Of course there will be lots of fun activities to do every day!

Climbing, bungee-run, a pentathlon and of course a hot tub that you can book. Try all the activities with your friends, or get new ones there!

What would a festival be without good food?

Food and snacks will be served daily from 10:00 until closing. The prices are of course adapted to students, in other words you do not have to cook lunch boxes for over a week! Every day, cotton candy will also be offered to all visitors between 11.00 and 18.00.

If it gets colder in the evening, we have a Pub tent where there is room for all visitors!

Have a freshly prepared snack, a good drink and enjoy that spring is finally here. Of course, there will always be vegan options as well as dishes for every conceivable allergy.