Today the construction site opens!

Today the construction site opens!

In our committee we call it BP, so if you hear "Alla till BP!" (Everyone to BP) in our radio's, you know where to go if you want to hang out with us. We are really excited to see your white styrofoam cubes and planks actually become something! You will surely get visited by a lot of curious committee member's asking about your design ideas. Maybe your raft will become a unicorn or a pirate ship? Just some suggestions from us!

The construction site opens at 10.00, and from 11.00 you can order beer, cider or sodas in the outside bar and in the tent. At 11.00 we will break in the hot tub as well! And you can also leave your lunch box at home, because Krubb has made a lot of good food that you can order! All of these happenings will happen at the same time every day, so from now on you can drink beer, cider and sodas on your lunch break.

Yesterday was the grand opening night!
If you were there you saw JaXstianZ, Dunderpatrullen and DJ Sebastian play. And you also saw (maybe the most important thing of all?) us in the committee spex, and our Fest have a speech.

I hope you had a great time last night! Tonight there is no tent party, but the pub is open until 23.00, and Hammerstål, Kastrullkompisarna and Sturegatan will play. We'll see you on BP and in the tent!