Start building your raft!

Good morning (web)bloggen from the construction site!

Yesterday a lot of rafter's were here and started shaping their styrofoam, and I can see some shapes coming together on the construction site, but there are still a lot of big white cubes here. I think some things might take a lot longer than expected, so it might be a good idea to start as soon as you can! Remember that you have to get the shape of your raft approved from one of us before you start painting it. Go to Fyren or ask one of us when it's time, and we will help you!

Yesterday was the first day with activities and we also opened the hot tub! Fifteen minutes before the first bath shift the tub was still only 20 degrees, but the people bathing looked OK (today we started heating the tub earlier)!

In the activity area you can get cotton candy for free, and there's a lot of activities that you can do that Akt has set up!

Tonight it's time for a tent party again! Herr Ober and the Ice Bittes opens the evening at 19.00, at 21.45 our own DJ Röj will play some tunes, and at 22.00 DJ Henrik Johansen will take over! I hope to see you here!