How to join?

There are many ways to get a raft spot!

Don't miss your chance to experience the river rafting!

Rafting Registration

The classic way to get a rafting spot is to sign up through the rafting registration!

The registration will be open to the 19th of February, after which rafting spots will be handed out randomly to those registered. It is important to remember that a rafting spot is equivalent to being able to register a team of up to 4 and a single raft. So if you and your buddies already have a team planned, only one of you, the "team leader" have to get and accept rafting spot for all of you to be able to raft. But the more of you who sign up, the higher the chance that your team will get a raft.

You can access the registration page through this link. Good luck!

Campus tour

Throughout the raft registration period Forskå will visit Uppsala University's different campuses and hand out coffee to promote the River Rafting, but we will also host small and silly competitions where you can compete for a chance to win a guaranteed rafting spot! Don't miss your chance! Participating in the competitions takes only a couple of minutes, and it is a great way to increase your chances of getting a raft this year!

Oh, did we mention there will be coffee?

  • Tuesday 11/2 - SLU
  • Wednesday 12/2 - EBC
  • Thursday 13/2 - ITC
  • Friday 14/2 - Geocentrum
  • Monday 17/2 - BMC
  • Tuesday 18/2 - Ekonomikum
  • Wednesday 19/2 - Ångströmslaboratoriet

Rafting Pub

If you were unsuccessful in getting a rafting spot through the registration or the campus tour, fear not! The 25th of February Forskå will host the Rafting Pub at Uthgård! Join us for an evening of food, drink and quiz where we will hold a raffle for the last leftover or declined rafting spots to those present! Should you sign up for the Rafting Pub raffle, you have to be present in order to accept your rafting spot should you win. Receiving a spot through the Rafting Pub is far from a long shot, and the odds of most attendees leaving with a rafting spot has traditionally been very high!

But even if you got a rafting spot set already, you are more than welcome to join us at the Rafting Pub! We will have a quiz and hand out fine prices such as a gym card to campus1477!