Festival Food Delivery

Festival Food Delivery

During the digital pub evenings we in the River Rafting Committee will deliver food to those who want it. For each of the Festival Nights there will be a unique three course meal which you can pick and choose from. There are also vegetarian and vegan options available!
If you want to order you choose how much of what you want and pick one of our 11 pick up points. You will then receive an email the day before the day you have picked with an exact delivery time which is important to respect in order to avoid crowds.

The ordering is open now and closes on the 26 of april at 15:00, so do it before then!

If you have questions about allergies and content please email [email protected]

Important dates:

  • You can order food from the 20 of April.
  • The ordering closes the 26 of april at 15.00.
  • Festival Nights 28/4 - 29/4

How to you order:

  • Decide which day(s) you want to order food for.
  • Choose amount of each dish.
  • Choose pickup location and proceed to checkout!

How the delivery works:

  • The day before your delivery date, you will receive an email with your exact pick-up location and at what time you need to be there, between 17.00 and 19.00. It is important to be there at the right time to avoid crowds.
  • When you get there you will state your order and identify yourself to the River Rafting Committee.
  • You receive your food. Enjoy!
Pickup Location