Who can participate? How much does a rafting position cost? When is Duck Day? Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions!

What is the River Rafting?
The River Rafting is an event organized by Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science students (UTN) through the River Rafting Committee (called Forskå in Swedish). The event is one of Sweden’s largest student events and involves students from the entire Uppsala University, mainly engineering and science students. At the end of April, approximately one week before the River Rafting, the River Festival is held. At the festival, rafters build their rafts while everyone else spend time at the area enjoying good food, beverages, concerts and other activities. The River Festival ends with the big finale; the River Rafting itself. That’s when rafters jump on their self made rafts and row down Fyrisån (the river) in central Uppsala. Over 40 000 spectators, commentators, headmaster of Uppsala University and other great personalities come there to watch. After the rafting, the rafters get a smaller meal and a patch as a testimony of their bravery.

Who is allowed to participate in the rafting?
Anyone can participate! It’s not just science and engineering students that are allowed to participate. All you have to do is sign up for a chance to get a rafting position in the raffle. However, the requirements for participating are to be at least 18 year of age, able to swim and to be sober during the rafting. Members of the union (UTN) get to pay a more favorable price to participate.

When is the River Rafting?
The River Rafting is initiated by the River Festival that is held at Campus Ångströms laboratory. The River Festival takes place between April 20th and 28th and offers, apart from building a raft, daily entertainment, food and beverage services as well as other fun activities. The River Rafting itself is held on Valborg, April 30th at 10:00.

Can you raft and still celebrate Valborg?
Yes! Participating in The River Rafting is such an established Valborg-tradition that you not only not miss celebrating it, you actually are a part of the festivities themself. And as the activities continue the entire afternoon and evening you have plenty of time to participate in them as well!

How do I get a rafting position?
The application to participate in the raffle opens on March 1st and will be open until March 8th at 23:59. During this time period, you can sign up in our online registration system. After March 8th, the raffle begins and the rafting positions are randomly distributed. If you don’t get a position in this raffle, you are very welcome to a rafting pub held on March 23rd at our union house, Uthgård. All the remaining rafting positions will be randomly given out to those who are present at the pub.

How much does a raft cost?
A raft cost 1400kr for members of UTN and 1850kr for non-members.

How does the internet application works?

  1. Register an account and recieve a verification email. If everyone in the team registers, you will have a bigger chance to win a raft.
  2. After the lottery is finished, we will email you, regardless if you have won a raft or not.
  3. The team captain MUST accept the raft before 23.59 on March 17, or else you will lose your spot. This is done by logging in with the same email address and press “Accept rafting position”. The remaining members of your team are registered later.
  4. The team captain is now able to place an order on the equipment that everyone wishes to rent.

I have not received a verification email, what do I do?
To start with, check your junk mail. Sometimes the spam filters sort out our emails. If not, contact [email protected]

If you already have received a raft, do you need to attend the pub as well?
No, you only need to accept your raft before 23.59 on March 17 to get a raft. But it's always fun to go to a pub!

How many are allowed on a raft?
Between 2-4 persons per team/raft.

When are the rafts constructed?
The rafts are built during the River Festival, between April 20th and April 28th. The building area is open every day between 10.00 and 18.00. However, the pub is open longer and different forms of entertainment will be available in the pub tent every night during the entire festival.

Do we have to buy color and construction material for the raft by ourselves?
No, all the material required to build a raft is a part of the price for a rafting spot.. You will however be able to buy more material at the building area.

What is an EnviroRaft and what are the perks of choosing one?
An EnviroRaft is a raft that has been recycled from previous years, as rafts often can be used multiple years in a row without problems. Perks of choosing an EnviroRaft are, except for being a bit more environmentally friendly, that you don’t have to spend as much time constructing your raft, as the base of it is already finished!

What do I have to wear if I Raft?
You are obliged to wear a life-jacket, helmet, proper shoes and a wetsuit. You can either wear your own equipment or rent these from us. To prevent getting paint on the rented equipment, and thereby avoiding unnecessary fees, you have to wear clothes on top of the wetsuit. Click HERE to read this year's Rafters Regulation!

Can I construct my raft as I please?
No, there are restrictions on raft sizes. Maximum height is 80 cm, maximum length is 240cm and maximum depth is 120cm. More information will be given during the Rafters Education, which is a short mandatory education for all rafters.

What is the River Festival (Forsfestivalen)?
The festival takes place the week before Valborg (20th - 28th April). The festival is located right next to Ångströmslaboratoriet, and the raft construction area lies nearby. The festival week is open for everyone and not only the rafters. The week will include a big party, performances every night and of course the possibility to enjoy a meal and a refreshing drink!

What is the Duck Day?
The Duck day takes place on 24th of April and the festival is transformed to a big playground. You can find all information regarding the Duck Day HERE!

What is UTN?
The River Raft is an event by Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students (UTN). UTN is a student union that constantly works for students at the Science and Technology programs. UTN provides support to its members during their studies and arranges fun events to make the study-period a more memorable experience.

What Volunteer positions are available?

Click HERE to read about volunteering during the River Festival.

Click HERE to read about volunteering during the River Rafting.

When does the Volunteer application open?
It opens on the 14th of March and closes on the 27th of March. English speaking students can participate in volunteering as well and there will be an education held in english for all volunteers on the 4th and 5th of April.

If you didn't find an answer to your question, send an email to [email protected]