Hi there!! You have now stumbled upon one of the greatest treasures the internet has to provide - all the information required to become a volunteer! Without YOUR help as volunteer, the River Rafting Festival and the River Rafting wouldn't be possible.

As a volunteer you can get the chance to do pretty much anything from cooking, guarding the festival tent at night, photographing everything that’s going on and so much more. Of course we don’t expect you to work during the whole festival or rafting, you will be able to decide how much you would like to work. Αll the different types of volunteers are described in the side menu. If you have a hard time deciding which type of volunteer you want to apply for - fear not! You are able to apply for more than one type of volunteer and if you are up to it, many of the different types can be combined.  

Being a volunteer isn’t only loads of fun, but also a perfect opportunity to meet new friends - and if that doesn’t cut it for you, having been a volunteer is a great merit on your résumé. If any of this sounds interesting to you, the registration will be open from 11th of March until 25th of March.

Lastly, to show you how grateful we are for your help, you will be able to participate in a gasque arranged in honor of the volunteers. You will also recieve a voulunteers patch like the ones featured on the student overalls and other traditional student clothing to remember your experience.

Α volunteer information event will be held monday the 10th of April at 17:30 at the Siegbahn lecture hall at Ångström. There will also be information in swedish the 9th of April, same time, same place. The two evenings will cover the same information so you only need to attend one. If you have any questions concerning the volunteering – don´t hesitate to send an email to [email protected] 

Updated: 12 February, 2018