Volunteering during the River Festival


Do you want to be where it all happens? Do you like to organize activities? Or do you just want to have fun and make sure that all the visitors at the River Festival have a great time too? Then you should be a volunteer on the activity area! As an Aktvolunteer you will help Akt with the activities on the area. It can mean anything from helping with the security at the activities, make cotton candy and be in the Lounge tent to be a helping hand during the Forsfight. Combining Aktvolunteering with rafting is no problem!

Duck Day volunteer

Are you an expert at face painting or do you jump the highest in the bouncy castle? Then volunteering at the Duck day (Ankdagen) is something for you! During the Duck Day on the 22nd of April, the Activity area will be full of happy children and as a Duck Day volunteer you will make sure that these visitors have fun by helping Ank with all the activities, such as helping out by the soap bubble-station, face painting and/or help to watch the bounce castle! Then bring out your best mood and apply to be a Duck Day volunteer! Can easily be combined with river rafting. Speaking swedish is not a requirement!

Tapp volunteer

You can sign up as a Tapp volunteer if you want to try bartending for the first time or if you already have experience in bartending. Everyone is welcome. As a Tapp volunteer you will be a part of the river raft festival by serving drinks to thirsty raft builders and festival visitors. This volunteer post can be combined with river rafting.

Bar captain volunteer

Are you experienced behind the bar and wants to help out a little bit extra? Then the post as Head of Bar’s perfect for you! Join Tapp and get a better insight in what is actually happening behind the bar during a day. As Head of Bar you’ll get a golden opportunity to hone your skills as a leader, as you will be responsible for the Tapp volunteers that is working during your shift. So join! It will be awesome! This volunteer post requires you to be registered as having gone a course in responsible serving of alcohol and be registered at UTN (this will be checked). This volunteer post can be combined with river rafting.

Raft moving volunteer – NOTE: APRIL 29TH

As a volunteer with move response your tasks are to unload the rafts from the truck and place them along the Fyrisån. You also raises the starting area with tents and docks. We will be at the starting area, at Eddaspången the 29th of april (Kvalborg)

Night volunteer

A bike ride to campus Ångström the first thing in the morning isn’t the highlight of life, do you agree? Do you dream of spending a spring night on the Festival area? Lucky you, Rodd has the solution! Apply for Night volunteer for the River Festival and help Rodd help you!

As a night volunteer your job is to sleep a night in the big serving tent with another volunteer. There will be a detector on the area outside that warns whenever there is movement outside of the tent . If something seems off, your job Is to call Rodd, security or the police. This work can be combined with the rafting.

Tent volunteer

Music, good company, entertainment, food and drinks in all honour! But what would a Festival be without a tent? Rodd needs YOUR help to build the tents; become a tent volunteer! As a tent volunteer you get to help Rodd and the River Rafting committé to build the tent on the festival area during any of the festival´s prep days. 

Media volunteer

Are you interested in photography? Do you love capturing a smile on camera? Do you want to document this year's Duck day, River Festival and, last but not least, the actual River Rafting? Then media volunteer is perfect for you! As a media volunteer you’ll get to capture unforgettable moments of the River Rafting and take pictures of the different events during the River Festival. As a thank you for your work you will get the chance to participate on a volunteer gasque. Can be combined with river rafting.

Pub volunteer

Imagine getting to cook food together with a nice bunch of people. If you like Pub thinks this sounds very appealing, Pub want you to apply for Pub volunteer!  As a Pub volunteer you get to chop, fry, grill and serve food to hungry visitors of the River Festival. This you do together with a bunch of other committed members of UTN. No matter if you have years of experience or just have discovered the charm of cooking food, you are most welcome to apply. This is a really good experience to have in the future, but it’s also a good opportunity to meet new lovely people. Since the Pub volunteers only work during the festival, you can combine this engagement with river rafting.

Don’t hesitate, come hang with Pub in the kitchen/ kitchen tent, apply for Pub volunteer!

Head chef volunteer

Have you spent countless hours in Uthdård´s kitchen? Do you have massive skills when it comes to cooking food? Or are you just a good leader by nature? Then Pub want you to apply for head chef volunteer! As a head chef volunteer it's you who delegates the Pub volunteers and leads the work that takes place in the kitchen/ kitchen tent during the festival. The head chef of the kitchen and of the head chef of the kitchen tent works as Pub´s right and left hand and it's between there the main part of the communication will happen via comradio (How fun?!). This undertaking is meritorious, challenging and it's also a good opportunity to work with and meet new lovely people. Since the head chef volunteers only works during the festival, you can combine this engagement with river rafting.

Don’t hesitate, come hang with Pub in the kitchen/ kitchen tent, apply for head chef volunteer!


Are you passionate about using tools and mixing paint? Do you feel extra responsible for keeping the construction site clean and tidy? Do you want help us maintain our eco-labeled event? Then apply for Prylvolunteer! In this role you will get some extra authority when it comes to the rafters need of materials and keeping the construction site clean - and you also get to hang out with us! Can be combined with rafting.

If you have any questions about the volunteers, don't hesitate to send an email to [email protected] 

Updated: 10 March, 2019