Volunteering during the River Festival

Activity volunteer
This year you have the chance to become an Aktvolonteer during the River Festival 2017. Something you don’t want to pass up. Hang out in the sun and make sure the visitors can experience all of the activity area’s attractions! As an activity volonteer there are plenty of exciting things to do, help the participants climb safe in the Drickabacksklättring, oversee the Bouncy Castle and The Gladiator, make and hand out Candy-floss are just a few examples of things you can do! Can be combined with river rafting.

Ank volunteer 
Are you an expert at face painting or do you jump the highest in the bouncy castle? Then volunteering at the Duck day (Ankdagen) is something for you! During the Duck Day on the 23th of April, the Activity area will be full of happy children and as a Duck Day volunteer you will make sure that these visitors have fun by helping Ank with all the activities. So bring out your best mood and apply to be a Duck Day volunteer! Can be combined with river rafting.

Bar volunteer
You can sign up as a Tapp volunteer if you want to try bartending for the first time or if you already have experience in bartending. Everyone is welcome. As a Tapp volunteer you will be a part of the river raft festival by serving drinks to thirsty raft builders and festival visitors. Can be combined with river rafting.

Media volunteer
Are you interested in photography? Do you love capturing a smile on camera? Do you want to document this year's Ank day, River Festival and all the arrangements surrounding? Then media volunteer is perfect for you! As a media volunteer you get to capture unforgettable momentsand take pictures of the different events during the River Festival. Can be combined with river rafting.

Night volunteer
Have you always felt that it’s too far to campus Ångström or simply just can’t get enough of being there during daytime? Hurray, Rodd has got the solution for you! Rodd needs Night Volunteers for the River Festival! As night volunteer your job is to sleep in the big tent together with one other volunteer. There will be a moving detector on the area outside, so if something would seem off your job is to call Rodd, security or the cops. Can be combined with river rafting.

Pub volunteer
Do you like to cook food? Want to meet new people? Try to be more involved in the student life? Or just to show off your skills at the barbecue? Then pub volunteer is something for you! As a pub volunteer you help with cooking, preparation and serving of the food that is sold during the river rafting festival. You work together with a group of other involved students, maybe you will find a new friend? Don’t think about it, become a pub volunteer! Can be combined with river rafting.

Raft move volunteer – APRIL 29TH
We need your help to move the rafts from the construction site to the starting area! To accomplish this feat we need you to be present at the starting area on the 29th of April during the morning/forenoon to help the truckers unload the rafts and place them in a nice formation for the glorious day to come! The transport of all the rafts will take about 4 hours and requires some physical efforts to climb onto the trucks and lifting down the rafts to place them in order at the starting area. Can be combined with river rafting.

Stuff volunteer
Are you passionate about using tools and mixing paint? Does your heart skip a beat when you hear the words hammer, brush, and glue? Do you feel extra responsible for taking care of trash? Then apply to be a Pryl-volunteer! In this role you get a bit of extra authority when it comes to the needs of the rafters regarding building materials - and you also get to hang out on the construction site with us! Can be combined with river rafting.

Updated: 27 March, 2017