A sustainable River Rafting

One step towards a more sustainable Valborg

The River Rafting plays a big part in Uppsalas greatest festival, but sometimes get critique for being unsustainable. That’s why Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students want to do their part and take the environmental work to another level. The work towards a sustainable River Rafting was initiated 2017 and the event was Eco-labeled. The same thing happened 2018 and it is something we are working with this year too. Last year initiatives was taken to work towards a more sustainable River Rafting, and we have worked on rafting equipment, separation at source, press materials, recycling as well as food and drinks. This year the committee has expanded with one more person who has the main responsibility for sustainability which also has the responsibility of the development of an environmental analysis that contributes each person in the committee to evaluate the environmental impact from their duties and actions that can be taken.

We are working towards sustainability to be a given part of the River Festival, River Rafting and Valborg. We hope that our efforts for a more sustainable River Rafting along with Uppsala municipality’s work against littering will contribute to a more sustainable Valborg this year, and years to come.

For more information about the River Raftings sustainability work please contact the responsible for the sustainability work Alicia Bizet

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 070-7981806


Updated: 7 February, 2019