Raft transportation

During the morning on Kvalborg, Sunday the 29th of April, it is finally time for the rafts to be moved from the building site to the start area.

During the day all teams will get a time on when they have to be at the construction site to move their river raft from the construction area at Ångström Laboratory to the trucks that takes the river rafts to the start area.
It is required that AT LEAST two members of the team are present, but it is recommended that as many as possible show up. If the team has built a river raft that is too big the team will have to carry the river raft to the start area by themselves.

The moving times for each team are:

09:00 AM: Starting number 1 - 30
10:00 AM: Starting number 31 - 60
10:40 AM: Starting number 61 - 90
11:10 AM: Starting number 91 - 120

If the team has rented equipment from us they need to go to Ladan at Polacksbacken to pick it up after the raft has been moved.
It is REALLY IMPORTANT that all teams are on time! Otherwise the teams must move their raft by themselves to the Start area.

Some of the wet suits are rented from w-dyk.




Updated: 18 April, 2018