River Rafting

The River Rafting is arranged by Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students.

The River Rafting started when two students, Anders Ahnesjö and Carl-Johan Hansson, made a bet whether or not they could raft down the Fyris river during valborg 1975. Today the River Rafting is one of the biggest and most exciting events that is organised by students in Sweden and is an attractive meeting point between corporations, students and the public. Every year on valborg morning, ​on the last day of April at 10 AM​​, tens of thousands of people gather to the edges of the Fyris river to see the spectacular and colorful rafts challenge the cascades and rapids of the Fyris river. The rafters have to endure the perilous journey from Eddaspången all the way down to Islandsfallet.

Updated: 31 December, 2018