The Wrecked Raft

At last the river festival is back!! A splendid week with rafts, activities, and good food and drink. Skip your lunchbox, come to the area and take part in what we have to offer. Pub and Tapp has fixed a varied food and beverage selection that will quench your thirst and still your hunger throughout the festival.

Every day during the festival you are welcome to visit the pub The Wrecked Raft. The menu includes burgers and wraps for everyone, whether you're a carnivore, vegetarian or vegan. For dessert, you will obviously be able to order the amazing mud cake. The evenings we are open until 01 we will serve burgers until we close and of course there are various drinks available at the bar.

So come by at lunch, when you have a break or if you have a day off and enjoy our fine selection outside in the glorious spring sunshine. Take the opportunity to hang on the area and test Akt’s activities during the day and at night you can come to the tent and see what amazing entertainment Röj have arranged.

See you at The Wrecked Raft !!

Updated: 7 February, 2018