On friday the 27th of April are you invited by the River Rafting Committee to the fabulous Friday party! The theme of the party is Hollywood so be prepared to walk on the red carpet and taste drinks made by Tapp all night long.

Of course we will also have our own DJ Sofia that will play music for all the stars on the dancefloor 21-01. Take all your friends with you and come dressed as your celebrity crush, favourite movie or sparkle from top to toe. The Friday party only happens once a year so this is a party you don’t want to miss! 

Pre-tickets will be sold but it will also be possible to buy tickets in the entré on the day of the Fridayparty. Attend our Facebook event to keep yourself updated!

When? The 27th of April, 21-01
Where? The pub tent, outside Ångströmlaboratoriet
How? Pre-tickets will be sold during lunchtime on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th of April outside the 4000-corridor in the Ångström Laboratory.
Theme? Hollywood



Updated: 16 April, 2018