Raft registration

120 rafts in the streams of the river Fyris, hundreds of brave rafters, more visitors than to Eurovision Song Contest and the biggest party of the year - of course YOU should apply to Valborg´s hottest event!



The application is open 11/2 00:01 AM - 21/2 23:59 PM

If you get a raft or not will be decided in a raffle after the registration is completed and everyone will be notified in the same page where you registered. The price of a raft is 1200 SEK for UTN-members and 1700 SEK for non-members. If you´re not a member and studying at the SciTech faculty, you´re more than welcome to become a member today!

Register here:


1. The application is individual and you can only apply once. (A great tip is that all the members of your team apply → more chance to win a spot!)
2. To keep your spot you have to ACCEPT it and fill in the required info regarding the members of your team. If more than one in your team gets a spot, just accept ONE of them, otherwise both of you must ride in different rafts.
3. If you accept the place, you MUST ride and you will become the Team leader.
4. Accepting a spot in the River Rafting makes you liable for the payment
5. Pssst… If you don´t get a spot in the first raffle, there is a certain pub on Uthgård the 27th of february that might give you another chance to get a spot in the River Rafting of 2019...

Updated: 7 February, 2019