Who is allowed raft? What is the price for a raft? When is the Duck Day? Here you can find answers to our frequently asked questions!

What is the River Rafting?
The River Rafting is an event that takes place on Valborg (30th April), where students build their own rafts from duct tape, cellular plastic and wood. The rafts are then shaped and painted in a variety of colors to make their creation come to life. The students then raft their creations down the Fyris River for the public’s enjoyment. The River Rafting is an event arranged by Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students (UTN).

Who is allowed to raft?
Anyone that wants to can raft in the River Rafting! Requirements are: sobriety during the rafting, at least 18 years old and being able to swim.

How do you get a raft?
1. Apply via http://anmalan.forsranningen.utn.se/
2. Apply and participate in our campus tour competition
3. Visit Uthgård on the 27th of February on our Flottpub (River Rafting Pub).
(You are not required to do all of the above. If you get a rafting position during the raffle for example, there is no need to apply at the River Rafting Pub. You will get a confirmation email sent to the email adress you registered.)
4. Remember to accept your raft if you have won before 26th of February, or else you will lose your raft.

I havn't got a confirmation email. What do I do?
Firstly, check your spamfolder since some of our emails are caught by the spamfilter. If you can't find any confirmation email, please send an email to [email protected] 
How much is the River Rafting?
If you are a member of UTN the price is 1000 SEK per raft (and a maximum of 4 people per raft) and if you are not a member of UTN it is 1500 SEK. This price includes all building materials, tools, glue, wood, ductape, paint and cellular plastic. However, the rafters equipment is not included in this price).

How many people can be on the same raft?
It is a minimum of 2 persons and a maximum of 4 persons per raft.

When do you build the rafts?
The Rafts are built during the River Festival (Forsfestivalen) that takes place between 21st of April until the 28th of April. The construction area opens on 22nd of April and closes on 28th of April. It opens everyday at 10:00 and closes at 18:30. However, the pub is open during the evening and different performances are held every night.

Do I have to provide all the building materials to my raft?
No, all building materials are included, except for joint foam, in the rafting price. Join foam can be purchased on the area for a small fee.

What do I have to wear if I Raft?
You are obliged to wear a life-jacket, helmet, proper shoes and a wetsuit. You can either wear your own equipment or rent these from us. To avoid unneccesary fees if you get paint on the rented equipment, you have to wear clothes on top of the wetsuit. Click HERE to read this years Rafters Regulation!

Can I construct my raft as I please?
No, there are restrictions on raft sizes. Maximum height is 80cm, maximum length is 240cm and maximum depth is 120cm. More information will be given during the Rafters Education, which is a short mandatory education for all rafters. 

What is the River Festival (Forsfestivalen)?
The festival takes place on the week before Valborg (21st - 28th April). The festival is located right next to Ångströmslaboratoriet, and the construction area lies nearby. The festival week is open for everyone and not only the rafters. The week will include a big party, performances every night and of course the possibility to enjoy a meal and a refreshing drink! 

What is the Duck Day?
The Duck day takes place on 22nd of April and the festival is transformed to a big playground. You can find all information regarding the Duck Day HERE!

What is UTN?
The River Raft is an event by Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students (UTN). UTN is a student union that constantly works for students at the Science and Technology programs. UTN provides support to its members during their studies and arranges fun events to make the study-period a more memorable experience.

What Volunteer positions are available?
Click HERE to read about volunteering during the River Festival.
Click HERE to read about volunteering during the River Rafting.

When does the Volunteer applicatation open?
It opens on the 12th of March and closes on the 25th of March. English speaking students can participate in volunteering aswell and there will be held a volunteer-education on the 10th of April for English-speaking students.

If you didn't find an answer to your question, send an email to [email protected] 

Updated: 21 March, 2018