Eco-labelled event

An eco-labeled River rafting - one step towards a more sustainable Valborg

Uppsala union for engineering and science students, proud organizers of the River rafting since 1975, can this year present the River rafting as a eco-labeled event. The River rafting plays a big part in Uppsalas greatest festival, but sometimes get critique for being unsustainable. That’s why Uppsala union for engineering and science students wants to make bigger efforts in their environmental work. Uppsala union for engineering and science students can therefore present the River rafting 2017 as a eco-labeled event by the foundation Keep Sweden Tidy.

Last year initiatives was made to work towards a more sustainable River rafting, and thats something we now work more on in order to make sustainability something given during the River festival, River rafting and Valborg. Our main areas that we work on are rafting equipment, separation at source, press materials, recycling as well as food and drinks. We hope that our work with a more sustainable River rafting along with Uppsala municipalities work against littering will contribute to a more sustainable Valborg this year, and years to come.


Updated: 21 March, 2017