Duck Day

The Duck Day will take place April 22nd at the activity area next to the Ångström Laboratory. The area is open between 10:00 to 16:00 with free entrance for everyone!

The Duck Day is the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students family event designed to entertain children and families. This is done with face painting, fishpond, bouncy castles, horseback riding and much more, we want to create a pleasant day for both young and old. You will also have the opportunity to visit the construction site where all rafters build their rafts for the river rafting at the 30th of April. So that no one should go hungry during the day, there will be a sale of food and beverages. there is a smaller sale of food and beverages in the area. If it’s bad weather or raining  activities will be held inside!

The primary task of the Duck Day is to bring joy to all those who visit the event. However, there are some children who cannot visit us, the children who are sick or injured. Therefore, we collaborate with the Uppsala University Hospital’s Children’s Fund to indirectly be able to give these children a more enjoyable life. For the charity, some of the entertainment during the Duck day will cost a little, but not so much that not all will be able to afford.

The surplus that the Duck Day generates will be donated directly to the Uppsala University Hospital’s Children's Fund, a unique activity for Uppsala. It is important that the sick children may be children who develop despite their illness. Therefore, the Fund has as its sole mission is to promote the game, stimulation and culture for children at the University Hospital. The Fund operates wherever University Hospital cares for sick children.

Directions for how to get to Ångströmlaboratoriet and Duck Day can be found HERE!

Updated: 22 February, 2019