Uppsala teknolog- och naturvetarkår

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science students presents, for the 45th year in a row, The River Rafting!

The River Rafting has a very special place in Uppsala´s celebration of Valborg. It has gone from a fun bet the year of 1975 with about 10 viewers, to an eco-labelled event that engages over 700 people to build rafts and arrange this huge happening in 2019, directed by Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science students. In the morning of Valborg, at 10 AM, the start signal goes off and 123 rafts makes their way down Fyrisån to the jubilance of thousands of viewers of all ages.

The rafts are built by the rafters themselves during the River Festival from the 21th to the 28th of April on campus Ångström. At the same time, the festival invites all to shake off the pressure with our entertainment, laugh in fun activities, relish some nice food and drinks and enjoy the spring to the sound of groovy festival music. The 22th of April the whole festival area turns into a gigantic play ground full of exciting activities for all children and families. We are calling this day the Duck day, and the profit from this day is donated to children's foundation of The Academic Hospital.


So whoever you are - student, adult, parent, child, senior, from Uppsala or from anywhere else, you´re warmly invited to us to prepare yourself for Valborg and celebrate the spring!



This year we have an amazing collaboration with Folkuniversitetet