Duck Day

The Duck Day

Duck Day will be held as a digital event on April 25th. Participate by ordering a Duck Bag, which we deliver to you within Uppsala!

The Duck Day is the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students family event designed to entertain children and families. Normally this is a day with a lot of fun activities and the children are given an opportunity to visit the construction area where rafts are being built before the big event on Walpurgis.

This year the Duck Day will be digital! Below, you can order a Duck Bag containing fun crafts, a nice duck pin, and delicious cookies!

The goal of the Duck Day is to bring joy to all those who participate in the event, but also to the children who are unable to attend due to illness. Therefore, we collaborate with the Uppsala University Hospital’s Children’s Fund to contribute to give these children a more enjoyable life. The profit from the Duck Day will be donated directly to the Uppsala University Hospital’s Children's Fund, a unique activity for Uppsala. It is important that the sick children may be children who develop despite their illness. Therefore, the Fund sole mission is to promote the game, stimulation and culture for children at the University Hospital. The Fund operates wherever University Hospital cares for sick children.

We've extended the opening hours for the Duck Bag shop!
Get yours before we close it on 22/4!

Drags Experiment

  • The Wheel Experiment

  • The Spiked Mattress

  • The Spinning Chair

Uppsala University Hospital’s Children's Fund

Not interested in a Duck Day Bag? Send a Swish to Uppsala University Hospital’s Children's Fund directly!

Scan the QR-Code to the left or send a swish to them at 123 9000 670